• High FPS with significant creeps on screen (in browser)
  • Fully positional camera allows for traditional TD angles.
  • Zoom allows detailed view of creeps and towers.
  • An obnoxious zoom level. Challenge idea: beat the game via this zoom level.


Sections of note. 


Upgrid TD is a fully 3D tower defense running on the Unity Web Player platform.The object of the game revolves around obtaining upgrades and defeating the armies of an unknown origin. The tone of the game is sci-fi, with battles taking place on space platforms. The player must defend various worm-holes against invading forces.

Technical Info

Upgrid TD is written in C#, with much of the underlying engine written in C. Wings3D was used for all 3D models and The Gimp for all textures and graphics. Particle effects were generated in the Unity IDE. Spacescape was used to generate rich, quality, Skyboxes.


Aaron Meier is the sole software developer and graphics artist for the game. Upgrid TD is self-published.

Latest activity

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